BIg Red - The gas pump | Original Red

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BIg Red - The gas pump | Original Red

"When gas is so high, even the pump is pissed off!"
Introducing "BIG RED - The gas pump"

Inspired by rising gas prices all over the world, This ALL-NEW Figure by Toymanjohnny features an old school gas pump with an iconic cartoon style, and hands that represent how we all feel! With grafitti like artwork, and eye catching logos saying "HELL", this guy is sure to stand out in any collection!
(Each Figure was created in resin and finished by hand, so no two figures will ever be exactly the same.)

Materials used: Resin
Size: 3.5" x 3"
Edition Size: 50
Packaging: Top Card + Bag/Box

**Each figure has very minor differences due to the random splatter marks, stencil application, and red paints used to create the custom color shown. I print them hollow to save resin, as well as charge less on shipping, so in the end collectors are able to get a better deal. The images are taken of an actual figure so in this case what you see is what you get. Thank you all for all the support.**